The Vaccine Technology Project

The Vaccine Technology Project provides a focused program to invent and adapt technologies to improve vaccines for both domestic and global needs. Within this project, the Laboratory for Translational Microneedle Technology is established to bring microneedle-based vaccine patches from the research laboratory and into clinical trials.

The Pharmaceutical Pipeline Project

The Pharmaceutical Pipeline Project represents a concerted effort to address the shortcomings of pharmaceuticals. Our solution is to approach the biological problems in drug development by applying the tools of engineering and physical sciences. We have established three Consortia within this project: the first is designing new drugs to treat cancer, AIDS, bacterial infections, and other diseases; the second is developing novel processes to manufacture drugs using cells, enzymes and other biologically based approaches that increase purity and decrease cost; and the third is applying engineering technologies to make taking drugs easier, more effective and less frequent for patients. Through this project we will impact healthcare by making pharmaceuticals more effective, less expensive and more convenient for patients.

The Pharmaceutical Education Project

Trains graduate and undergraduate students to bring a new perspective to the pharmaceutical industry. To supplement direct faculty mentorship in the laboratory, students can take a number of pharmaceutically oriented courses, including our capstone course on Drug Design, Development and Delivery and the week-long Pharmaceutical Industry Plant Trip (see below) over spring break, both of which are unique opportunities that cannot be found at other universities. We support our students through a Doctoral Fellowship Program funded in part by a U.S. Department of Education training grant.