Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery - CD4

Improving Pharmaceuticals at the Interface of Engineering & Bioscience

Pharmaceuticals save lives, alleviate suffering, and are highly cost effective compared to many other treatments. However, the pharmaceutical industry pipeline of new drugs is not as strong as it used to be. In recent years, the number of approved new drugs has dramatically dropped. Moreover, the series of major drug recalls, the high cost of prescriptions, and the complexities of having to take medications on schedule, demonstrates the need for new approaches to drug design, development, and delivery.

The Center for Drug Design, Development, and Delivery, or CD4, is a unique center for research and education that approaches pharmaceuticals in a way unlike anywhere else. In contrast to traditional pharmaceutical research, at CD4 we bring a different perspective through the engineering and physical science strengths of Georgia Tech, and do so in the highly interdisciplinary and collaborative manner that is a hallmark of Georgia Tech faculty and students.

Our integrative center includes 51 faculty from multiple departments in engineering and the sciences. With more than 150 undergraduate and graduate students engaged in pharmaceutical research in CD4 we are impacting the field through novel pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical technologies while training a new generation of interdisciplinary pharmaceutical researchers.